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Jun 23 2012
There have been recent reports of malware attacks on journalists based in China. The attacks specifically targeted Chinese employees working for media organizations, including Reuters, the Straits Times, Dow Jones, Agence France Presse, and Ansa.1 These employees received an email from “Pam ” who claimed to be an editor with the Straits Times, that came with a PDF attachment that contains malware. When opened, malicious code in the PDF exploits the Adobe Reader program and drops the malware on the target’s computer.


.the “Arab Spring” and a series of global popular movements has resulted in crackdowns on expression, showing just how terrified governments have become of the voice accorded their citizens via the internet.

And indeed, they have: Nearly halfway through 2012, online repression remains on the rise. In post-dictatorship Tunisia and Egypt, the face of the threats may have changed, but their implications remain all too real. Social media users still run the risk of blasphemy charges in the former, while in the latter, military detentions continue. In the Gulf countries - where authorities fight to maintain stability in a rapidly changing region - bloggers are detained in increasing numbers, while new regulations are debated, such as Kuwait’s proposed death sentence for insulting the prophet. Elsewhere, new systems are being put into place to filter and surveil citizens, such as one recently discovered in Ethiopia.

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Jun 06 2012
The problem wasn’t the sophistication of the tools, but rather the lack of knowledge of the reporters,” he said. “I think many sources who were speaking to these correspondents have been captured or killed.

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Mar 31 2012

On whether security should be increased, Al-Khalifa, who is also one of the 26 members of the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council, said: “No, absolutely not.

"It will be life as normal. We’ve never had any violence towards foreigners simply because they are foreigners or in F1.

"There is no violence towards guests of the country, and I don’t think there will be any disruption or danger to anybody coming into Bahrain."

He said he understood people’s “apprehension” but added: “Anybody who has been there before and comes now will see there is no difference.

"It is why I’m hoping for the race to come as quickly as possible, just to let this community [in Formula 1] see and feel what is really going on in Bahrain.


"We’ve never had any violence towards foreigners. All I can guarantee you is you will be as safe as at any other grand prix”

Sheikh Abdullah bin Isa Al Khalifa

Mar 30 2012

Khalifa said: “There are no guarantees in this world. You could be anywhere, even Silverstone. All I can guarantee you is you will be as safe as at any other grand prix.”

There will be no increase in security throughout the grand prix weekend, with Khalifa adding: “No, absolutely not. It will be life as normal. We’ve never had any violence towards foreigners simply because they are foreigners or in F1.

"There is no violence towards guests of the country and I don’t think there will be any disruption or danger to anybody coming into Bahrain."

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Mar 15 2012

Palestinians Killed in Bahrain

Bahrain regime apologists claim that Bahrainis killed in Bahrain by (aliens) are Palestinian. Here’s a list of the “Palestinians” killed in Bahrain and whose deaths are listed in the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI)

* Remember that the BICI report covers the period of February and March 2011

* Note that the BICI report was commissioned by the Bahrain Monarch

* Don’t laugh when you reach the part on “Civilian Deaths not Attributed to Specific Perpetrators.” You are all grown ups and should know that people can just die.

Annex A: List of the Deceased
(including Name, Residence, Date of Birth, and Date of Death)
Civilian Deaths Attributed to Security Forces (13)
Deaths caused by a shotgun (7)
1. Ali Abdulhadi Saleh Jaafar Almeshaima, Daih, DoB: 28.08.89, Deceased on 14.02.11
2. Fadhel Salman Ali Salman Ali Matrook, Mahooz, DoB: 08.11.79, Deceased on 15.02.11
3.    Mahmood Maki Ahmed Ali Abutaki, Sitra, DoB: 27.03.88 Deceased on 17.02.11
4.    Ali Mansoor Ahmed Ahmed Khudair, Sitra, DoB: 1958, Deceased on 17.02.11
5. Isa Abdulhasan Ali Husain, Karzakan, DoB: 1950, Deceased on 17.02.11
6. Ali Ahmed Abdulla Moumen, Sitra, DoB 24.04.88, Deceased on 17.02.11
7. Ahmed Farhan Ali Farhan, Sitra, DoB: 14.08.80, Deceased on 15.03.11
Deaths caused by a firearm (5)
8. Abdulredha Mohamed Hasan Buhamaid, Malkiya, DoB: 28.09.82, Deceased on 21.02.11
9.    Jaafar Mohamed Abdali Salman, Karana, DoB: 25.04.70, Deceased on 16.03.11
10. Jaafar Abdulla Ali Mayoof, Aali, DoB: 21.04.78, Deceased on 16.03.11
11. Hani Abdulaziz Abdulla Jumaa, Khamis, DoB: 16.10.78, Deceased on 19.03.11
12. Bahiya Abdelrasool Alaradi, Manama, DoB: 01.01.60, Deceased on 21.03.11
Death caused by physical injuries (1)
13. Isa Radhi Abdali Ahmed Alradhi, Sitra, DoB: 11.02.66, Deceased on 16.03.11
Report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry
Civilian Deaths not Attributed to Specific Perpetrators (8) 14. Ahmed Abdulla Hasan Ali Hasan, Hamad Town, DoB: 22.04.88,
Deceased on 16.03.11
15. Majeed Ahmed Mohamed Ali Abdulaal, Sihla, DoB: 26.06.81, Deceased on 30.06.11
16. Sayed Ahmed Saeed Shams, Saar, DoB: 11.09.96, Deceased on 30.03.11
17. Isa Mohamed Ali Abdulla, Maameer, DoB: 1940, Deceased on 25.03.11
18. Khadija Merza Abbas Yusuf Al Adbulhai, Sanabis, DoB: 1961, Deceased on 05.04.11
19. Alsayed Hameed Mahfoudh Ibrahim Mahfoudh, Sar, DoB: 1950, Deceased on 06.03.2011
20. Jaafar Hasan Yusuf, Demistan, DoB: 1983, Deceased on 18.09.11 21. Abdulrasool Hasan Ali Mohamed Hujair, Bouri, DoB: 15.04.73,
Deceased on 20.03.11
Deaths Attributed to Torture (5) 22. Hasan Jassim Mohamed Maki, Karzakan, DoB: 1971, Deceased on
23. Ali Isa Ibrahim Saqer, Sehla, DoB: 09.04.11, Deceased on 09.04.11
24. Zakariya Rashid Hassan Al Asheri, Dair, DoB: 10.03.71, Deceased on 09.04.11
25. Abdulkarim Ali Ahmed Fakhrawi, Karbabad, DoB: 01.01.62, Deceased on 11.04.11
26. Jaber Ebrahim Yousif Mohamed Alawiyat, Khamis, DoB: 10.03.70, Deceased on 12.06.11
Deaths of Expatriate Workers (4)
Killed by Demonstrators (2)
27. Abdul Malik Ghulam Rasool (Pakistani origin), Manama, DoB: N/A, Deceased on 13.03.11
28. Farid Maqbul (Bangladeshi origin), Manama DoB: N/A, Deceased on 19.03.11
Killed by Security Forces (2) 29. Stephen Abraham (Indian origin), DoB: 1963, Deceased on 16.03.11
Annex A — List of the Deceased Unattributed deaths (1)
30. Mohamed Ikhlas Tozzumul Ali (Bangladeshi origin), Sitra, DoB: N/A, Deceased on 15.03.11
Deaths of Police Officers and BDF Personnel (5)
Killed by Demonstrators (3)
31. Ahmed Rashid Al Muraysi, DoB: 1981, Deceased on 15.03.11
32. Kashif Ahmed Mandhour (Pakistan origin), DoB: 09.12.90, Deceased on 16.03.11
33. Mohamed Farooq Abdul Samad (Pakistani origin) , DoB: 1984, Deceased on 16.03.11
Killed by Security Forces (1)
34. Jawad Mohamed Ali Kadhem Shamlan, Al Hajar, DoB: 01.01.64, Deceased on 16.03.11
Unattributed deaths (1)
35. Aziz Jumaa Ali Ayyad, Al Hajar, DoB: 13.08.73, Deceased on 24.03.11
Killings Which Took Place Outside of the Commission’s Temporal Mandate (11)
36. Zainab Ali Ahmed, Sanabis, DoB: 1942, Deceased on 02.06.11 37. Salman Isa Ahmed Abuidrees, Madinat Isa, DoB: 1948, Deceased on
38. Alsayed Adnan Alsayed Hasan Almusawi, Morkh, DoB: 1967, Deceased on 23.06.11
39. Zainab Hasan Ahmed Jumaa, Sitra, 27.11.72, Deceased on 15.07.11
40. Isa Ahmed Altaweel, Sitra, DoB: 1961, Deceased on 31.07.11
41. Sayed Jawad Ahmed Hashim Marhoon, Sitra, DoB: 01.01.71, Deceased on 14.09.11
42. Jaafar Lutf Allah, Abu Saibaa, DoB: 1937, Deceased on 30.09.11
43. Ahmed Jaber Al Qattan, Shakura, DoB: 1995, Deceased on 06.10.11
44. Ali Jawad Alshaikh, Sitra, DoB: 29.01.97, Deceased on 31.08.11
45. Mohamed Abdulhusain Farhan, Sitra, DoB: 2005, Deceased on 30.04.11
46. Aziza Hasan Khamis, Bilad Al Qadeem, DoB: 17.10.85, Deceased on 16.04.11

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Nov 04 2011

Cats are liquid. “Liquids … take the shape of the container while maintaining a constant volume”. That’s it. So cats are liquid.


Cats are liquid. “Liquids … take the shape of the container while maintaining a constant volume”. That’s it. So cats are liquid.

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Oct 16 2011
Aug 19 2011

DUBAI // Dubai’s police chief has urged the establishment of a task force to monitor all internet activity and bring to justice anyone found distributing illicit material.

The task force would comprise members of Dubai’s Public Prosecution Service, Dubai Police and the telecoms providers Etisalat and du, Lt Gen Chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim said.

"Etisalat and du have the power to know who sent what to who over BlackBerry, iPhone or the internet. What we need is to set up a mechanism to find the illicit material being distributed and track down its source, then take legal action by police and prosecutors.

"I would like Etisalat and du to present a team to work with us and the prosecutor’s office after Eid to take this forward."

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